Do Digital Business Cards fill in for the Paper-based Cards?

Idencard digital business cards app for iPhone and Android
Digital business cards are the next big thing

Business cards are the hotspot of debate nowadays. Every now and then, we come across stories and media mentions highlighting the importance and essence of having a business card. Wow. Couldn’t agree more – business cards are a certain networking asset. As per most claims, we must surely resign ourselves to any sort of paper handshake, with tangible paper and plastic business cards are here to stay, dropping digital business cards in the shade of ignorance.

Wait, What?

In the modern-day digital world, are we actually suggesting that a 3 or 3.5-inch piece of plastic or paper with our essential contact details imprinted on them is the best we can come up with for reaching out, interacting and connecting with our clients and prospects?

Shall we be storing the paper cards in our 1990s Filofax?

Well, the words primarily used to support such arguments in most reports and media coverage, such as ‘portable’, ‘cheap’, ‘personal’, ‘seamless’, ‘easy’, etc. seem fascinating but are they worth the modern-day catch.

I do agree with most of these terms, especially efficient, simple and cheap – however, I don’t buy the conclusion, whatsoever. As of now, the fact of the matter is, there hasn’t been one single digital alternative that has been able to achieve these standards or outrank paper cards in terms of these ‘buzz words’.

While there’ve been more than 100 attempts to dislocate paper-based physical business cards, not one digital business card has reached a standard which can, for the least, even remotely intimidate the existence of paper business cards.

Even giants like LinkedIn and Google have tried but bitten the dust.

The difficulty with previous attempts is that they work almost perfect if both the individuals sharing cards either have the same smartphone or the same mobile app installed on their device, which is obviously never going to work wonders as part of a mainframe solution.

Or perhaps, in those digital business card apps for iPhone and Android that had no feature to communicate globally across platforms and devices, there are no more added features and functionalities than what a physical rectangle can provide – no updates, nothing, there’s nothing extraordinary about them.

So with no incentive to change the functionality and behavior and with over 90% of such apps charging a hefty subscription fee, certainly, why would anyone bother to ditch paper business cards?

Well, watch out you fellow pro-paper biggies!

Idencard Smart Digital Business Cards App, a new name in the game has stepped in for the rescue! With the app installed on your device, expanding your business network will simply be a matter of minutes.

How does Idencard Smart Digital Business Cards App stand apart from its counterparts?

Idencards are entirely different since not only they are truly universal and functional across-the-board on various devices and platforms, but the subscription fee is fairly competitive. It simply doesn’t get better. Idencard works for everyone, on any device with any Internet connectivity, Smart TV, PCs, Macs, tablets, phones, everything.

Sharing Idencard doesn’t require the recipient to have the app installed on their smartphone.

Idencard also comes with auto-update feature in real-time. So unlike that stack of paper cards that you keep in your pocket, the digital business cards you scan with Idencard will never get out-of-date.

And when it comes to “getting high on the contact list of people”, I’d strongly argue that an Idencard with the competence to be added to anyone’s smartphone contact at just a tap when you exchange or distribute your card through email or WhatsApp or anything would have considerably higher potential to appear there than a paper-based physical cards that need the formality of physical handshake and a thrust in your pocket.

Our wallets and purses are quickly being outdated by our smartphones. They might just not be dead forever just yet, however they are on their way to the brink of extinction.

Fingerprint scanners, wearable technology, and contactless payments … the way we identify ourselves, purchase things and interact with people, as well as devices, is changing drastically. It’s not improbable to consider that soon we’ll leave home just with our smartphones, and nothing else.

The bottom line

As of today, paper cards are not an alien thing, they are still preferred extensively by most people around the world. However, the momentum is shifting and digital business card apps like Idencard for iPhone and Android are gradually riding the wave of a massive digital transformation.

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Do Digital Business Cards fill in for the Paper-based Cards?
While paper business cards are still preferred massively around the world, the momentum is now shifting and digital business cards are coming into vogue.
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