Why is my mac so slow and how should I fix it

why is my mac so slow
why is my mac so slow

One of the most common thoughts for each mac user is that why is my mac so slow. Well, despite being a robust machine, macs do slow down over a period of time and there can be numerous reasons behind it. Here’re some common reasons behind why your mac is running so slow and how to speed up mac with the best mac cleaner.

Regularly millions of queries are put in web search engines by users asking why is my mac so slow. Macs, like other computers, are destined to age over time. Most of the time, this happens due to a large number of accumulated files and unnecessary items on your system. To speed up Mac, all you need is some simple, quick maintenance and cleanup tweaks.

Let’s get started to answer your query as to why is my mac so slow.

Reason 1: Lots of Unnecessary Login Items

One reason why your latest concern has been why is my mac so slow is because of the login items. These items are those apps and services that launch simultaneously when you turn on your Mac. If you are wondering why is my mac so slow while the booting up process these days, it’s because there are too many login items on your Mac.


The best way to speed up your Mac’s performance, in this case, is to kill the unnecessary login items. You can also use the best mac cleaner to tune up and optimize your device. Here’s how:

  1. Head to System Preferences > Users & Groups
  2. Go to the Login Items tab, and select those apps that you think are unnecessary
  3. Click on the – button at the bottom


Reason 2: Your Mac desktop has a lot on it

Another reason behind you thinking why is my mac so slow has to do with the items resting on your desktop. The documents and files you keep on your desktop take up memory. The more items your desktop has, the slower it gets. On the contrary, if you keep fewer items on your Mac, it will perform better.


To relieve yourself from the why is my mac so slow problem, all you need to do is delete unwanted items from your Mac’s desktop. You can also move your files to relevant folders and give them a name to easily find the file you need. This will surely help you speed up mac with the best mac cleaner.

Reason 3: Your RAM is full

Many Mac users ask this question why is my mac so slow even with 8GB RAM. Their worries are justified because no matter how few apps they run on their Mac, it always takes up 7GB of memory. The result is iMac running slow with so many system and apps hang.

In case you don’t know how much of your RAM capacity is used, visit Activity Monitor app on your Mac to learn about it. Once in, head to the System tab and navigate to the bottom to look at the pie chart. If it’s mostly red, you’re sure to run into the why is my mac so slow.


  1. Go to Terminal: ~/Applications/Utilities
  2. Type: Purge and press Enter
  3. Wait while your Mac is processing

Once done, go to the Activity Monitor once again. Check whether now it is showing an increase in the free size of the System Memory. More spacious RAM means riddance from the thought of why is my mac so slow.

Reason 4: Your hard disk is full

In case you have a large number of video files and music tracks on your Mac, you’ll soon see your iMac running slow. And if you think an SSD would work, you may be wrong. SSDs for Mac are not as efficient as the traditional hard drives. So, it’s better you tweak your hard disk to speed up mac.

To check how much of your hard drive is occupied, click the Apple menu. Now, select About this Mac and click on More Info. Head to the Storage tab and check your hard drive storage overview and capacity.

Solution for why is my mac so slow:

Find and delete all large and heavy media files from your system. Apart from this, delete all unneeded videos, photos, games, movies, and apps. If any of them are important but you are not using them these days, you can move them to an external hard drive.

Besides, empty your system’s trash can along with the trash cans of iMovie, iPhoto, and Mail. You should also remove any trash files created from your web browser, system or apps. A better and quicker way to do all these things is using a trusted Mac cleaner app. Such an app is designed to help you get rid of your why Is my mac so slow problem and will help you speed up mac like never before.

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