6 Smart Features Android P AI Brings to Users

Android P AI
6 Smart Features Android P AI Brings to Users

Google unveiled Android P in its I/O Developer Conference earlier this year for the first time. And it was huge! Later when the beta version was released, users got the firsthand experience of what new the latest Android version owns. Apart from design tweaks and improved settings, Android P brings some features related to its artificial intelligence that, according to Google, will not only simplify users’ life but also take care of their wellbeing. Check out how refreshing and smart the new Android P AI can be.

Interestingly, the upcoming technology updates focus more on changing the way users use technology. This is true with Google as well. Talking about Android P AI, the tech giant stated in a blog post:

Android P makes a smartphone smarter, helping it learn from and adapt to the user. Your apps can take advantage of the latest in machine intelligence to help you reach more users and offer new kinds of experiences.

Going with that, we believe Android P has surely got something worth utilizing.

Smart Android P AI Features

  1. Suggests next actions

“Smart suggestions” is something that the previous version, Android Oreo, also offered. But with the P, it’s even smarter. The Android P AI has the ability to take proactive decisions after learning your behavioral patterns. For example, when you connect your headphones with your phone, the smarter AI-powered Android P will ask you whether you want to play the last song you were listening. Android Oreo’s Smart Text Selection feature is also included in the latest Android version.

  1. Saves your phone’s battery

Android P AI Smart Features-Adaptive Battery Saves your phone’s batteryWith Android P’s improved machine intelligence, Google focuses on providing a steady battery experience to users. Google’s new “Adaptive Battery” feature used in Android P is very smart in figuring out the app usage behavior of users. It smartly observes which apps you will use at a particular time and will restrict the background process of this app until that time. For instance, if you use Google Maps in the morning, the “Adaptive Battery” will restrict its background process for the rest of the day. This is a huge move in extending battery life.

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  1. Provides you a better display

Similar to Adaptive battery feature is Adaptive Brightness. No need to adjust your smartphone screen brightness by yourself! Android P AI is intelligent enough in calculating your priorities for brightness for different times of the day and automatically adjusts brightness levels accordingly.

  1. Makes actions quick with App Slices

It, basically, means you won’t have to visit an app to use it. Obviously, the app must be installed on your smartphone. So, when you Google search for the app from your app drawer, you’ll not only see its icon but also the actions you can perform using it. By choosing one of the actions, you can quickly do your task without entering the app and take a long route to do so.

  1. Helps you reply faster

It’s another a smart feature that Android P AI offers for making things easier. It works in this way that when you receive a notification, you’ll get an option to reply directly from the notification area. You won’t have to visit the app.

  1. Cures your smartphone addiction

This is a huge move in improving the “digital wellbeing” of users. By observing your phone usage habits, the Android P AI will suggest you things like switching off your phone for a specific time and focus on your families and relations.
Android P AI Smart Features-Cures your smartphone addiction-Dashboard-App Timer-Wind DownIts “Dashboard” is a feature that notifies you about the time you’ve spent on your mobile. Then there’s “App Timer“, a feature that lets you set a specific time for using an app and when the time is up, it greys out the app. Another feature that AI-powered Android P uses is “Wind Down.” It does multiple tasks like enabling the “Do Not Disturb” mode, turning on Night Mode, decreasing the emitted blue light from your smartphone, and more to improve your wellbeing and modify the way you have been using your smartphone by far.

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6 Smart Features Android P AI Brings to Users
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