7 Tips to Stay Safe on Facebook

Stay Safe on Facebook
7 Tips to Stay Safe on Facebook

Facebook’s popularity is not a mystery to anyone. Every day, nearly 250,000 users join the Facebook community and this number is increasing with the passing time. Sadly, the amount of cyber threats and privacy-invading activities is also increasing to the same degree. There’s a lot of risk that sharing your personal information on social media accompanies. The Cambridge-Analytica data scandal has proved how harmful can private information leak on social networks be. So, it’s important to use every measure you can to stay safe on Facebook.

How to Keep Safe on Facebook

  1. Customize Your Privacy Settings

Stay Safe on Facebook-Customize Your Privacy SettingsFacebook lets you decide on who can see your pictures and information. If your privacy settings are set to “Everyone” (or “Public”), change it to “Friends”. Moreover, you can also choose to make your pictures and information visible only to select friends. By doing this, you’ll reduce the chance of getting your data used for the wrong purpose and ensure being safe on Facebook.

Considering data privacy, a wise move will always be not to upload any sensitive information or media file to social networking sites. No matter how careful you are while customizing your privacy settings, evil eyes will find ways to exploit your data.

  1. Monitor the Posts Others have Included You on

Whatever pictures your friends share with, mention or tag you in, must be filtered by your approval. If you do not approve of a picture your friend has tagged you in, you can choose to untag yourself. Simply go to the picture and select the option “Report/Remove Tag” under the picture. If you feel the image you’re tagged or mentioned in, ask your friend to remove it. They’ll comply with your request if they’re your true friend.

  1. Avoid adding all your details to your “About Me” page

Stay Safe on Facebook-Avoid adding all your details to your “About Me” pageFacebook is designed to connect you to the people you know or would like to know. Your general short description, hometown, schooling, etc. are enough to be put on your “About Me” page. The information like your phone number, email address, the home address does not need to be included. It doesn’t serve any purpose on a social media platform and hence can be avoided to stay safe on Facebook.

  1. Never Share your Upcoming or On-going Trip

This can be rather dangerous. Broadcasting about your trip means inviting thieves and robbers to your house. If you must post about your exotic vacation on Hawaii, do it after coming back, not before or during it.

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  1. Be Careful about your Password

Stay Safe on Facebook-Be Careful about your PasswordYou must have heard this one before…too many times, actually. That’s because this is most essential. Being careful about your password can save you a lot of trouble and keep you safe on Facebook. First of all, never use an easy, predictable password based on your birth date or pet’s name. Use a strong one, comprising of alphanumeric keys and special symbols. Besides, keep changing your password every so often. Be mindful of logging out after you’ve used Facebook on a shared computer.

  1. Don’t Be Friends with Just Anyone

Be miserly while accepting a friend request. Don’t make friends with just anyone for the sake of elongating your friend list. Making friends with someone you don’t know in person can be harmful. And if you’re tempted to be friend with someone your own friend is mutually connected with, it’s recommended to ask your friend for more information about the person. Always check someone’s account before accepting or sending a friend request. If their profile doesn’t seem genuine, halt there and ignore them.

  1. Block Suspicious, Pestering People

Stay Safe on Facebook-Block Suspicious, Pestering PeopleIt’s your choice who you want around you. If someone is annoying you and persistently poking you even if you’re not interested in replying to them, block them. No need to be modest here. Blocking will prevent them from viewing any of your post or activity.

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7 Tips to Stay Safe on Facebook
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