8 fun things you can do using Google Assistant

8 Fun things you can do using Google Assistant
8 Fun things you can do using Google Assistant

Google Assistant might seem a bit underrated until now but with its improved functionalities, each coming year brings it closer to its competitors like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. It is no longer restricted to Google’s devices like Google Home and smartphones but has extended to many third-party handsets and smart home devices. Check out what cool and fun things you can do using Google Assistant on your phone.

What you can do using Google Assistant

  1. Open apps with your voice

Google Assistant makes it easy to launch apps without tapping them. Say you’re baking your kid his favorite cheesecake and simultaneously want to check your Messenger text, simply ask your virtual friend to open it for you.

  1. Unlock your Pixel phone

True that you can evoke Google Assistant even when your Pixel is locked. But it irritates to get further only after you’ve unlocked your smartphone using the PIN or fingerprint method. Not anymore! You can bypass your locked device with just one command, “Ok Google”. Head to Google Assistant Settings > Ok Google Detection > Trusted Voice. That’s all! Say the command and have your Pixel take you in instantaneously.

  1. Make Appointments

Things you can do using Google Assistant-Make AppointmentsThis is new and amazing! Google announced at the latest I/O 2018 that users will now be able to make reservations (like for restaurant, movie, and more) using Google Assistant. The virtual assistant, CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google Duplex AI technology that lets it place phone calls to real people. Google Assistant will identify itself first and then book an appointment on your behalf.

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  1. Plan your next vacation

Whether it’s a rustic retreat in the quiet villages of Taiwan or you wish to spend your summer in the most exotic lands of Hawaii, let Google Assistant be your personal traveling planner. Besides, it can even suggest you some amazing spots to consider for a vacation trip.

  1. Book movie tickets

It’s Friday night and your friends have dropped by. Don’t think too long about planning for the night; simply book your favorite movie ticket using Google Assistant. It will provide you with complete information on the movie you’re looking for, including the cast, reviews, and the Showtime. And now, with the upcoming Duplex AI-powered feature, Google Assistant will book movie tickets on your behalf as well.

  1. Play your favorite songs

Things you can do using Google Assistant-Play your favorite songsWant to get away into the dreamland of your favorite tunes while taking a long drive? Command Google Assistant to “play song” or “sing a song” for you by first, saying “Ok Google” to wake it up. Just make sure there are no background disruptions while you escape with your favorite music.

  1. Jog your memory

Life’s busy, you know! And there’s little we can keep track of always. Forgetting is natural…for us but for Google Assistant it’s never a matter. Say, you forgot your keys on the study table today morning, set a reminder to get a helping hand of the virtual assistant. You need only to say, “Ok Google, remind me to pick up my keys from the study table” and set a time. It’ll jog your memory just when you need it.

  1. Send Texts

No need to take the long route on opening WhatsApp to say “hi” to your friend. Simply say “Ok Google, send a text to [the person’s name]” and your virtual helper will be ready to translate your voice into typed words. Once done, it will ask you to edit the message or send it.

The pace that Google Assistant is growing up rapidly with is a sure indicator of its ever-strengthening position in the market. The features that Google Assistant offers now were nowhere a couple of years ago. Given the popularity of Android phones, Google Assistant gets so much on its shoulders to hold for its future.

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8 Fun things you can do using Google Assistant
Google Assistant might seem a bit underrated but it's improving each year. Check out what fun things you can do using Google Assistant on your smartphone.
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