Amazon to Fix Alexa Laughing Issue Soon

Alexa Laughing
Amazon to Fix Alexa Laughing Issue Soon

It may sound like a creepy story from the old haunting tales, but yes…Amazon Alexa starts bursting into laughter out of the blue. It’s only a couple of weeks ago that internet got overflowed with homogenous posts from different Amazon Echo owners crying out for help as they have heard Alexa laughing even when there’s no around to trigger her to wake.

Imagine being in such a scene where echoes of sudden laughter arouse you from your day nap or interrupt your private conversation with your BFF when you’re alone in the house. Terrifying, isn’t it? Such are the cases a number of Alexa users have posted on Twitter and Reddit asking Amazon to fix this Alexa laughing issue as soon as possible.

As per the reports, this doesn’t happen at a particular time of the day or with a specific wake word… it just starts. According to the (victims) Echo owners, they have heard Alexa laughing all of a sudden when they’re sharing their cozy spaces or doing some house chore.
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This is something unusual! Unless you’ve heard it by yourself, you can’t believe it in the first place.
Alexa Laughing Twitter 1Don’t worry though! The scary story has a relieving twist as well. Amazon has come up with the good news that they are working to fix the bug:

“We’re aware of this and working to fix it.”

Although there is not any specified time and date notified for when the Alexa owners will be rescued from this creepy situation, it’s satisfactory to know the company is working on the fix. Till it comes, it’s better you should keep your Amazon Echo speaker aside for the time being if you’re a faint-hearted person.

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Amazon to Fix Alexa Laughing Issue Soon
As per reports, Amazon Echo owners have posted in these recent days that they have heard Alexa laughing even when there’s no around to trigger her to wake.
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