How to Backup and Restore Entire Google Chrome Data

Backup and Restore Entire Google Chrome Data
Google Chrome may be the most popular web browser; it’s not free of faults. Over the course of your using your favorite browser, you might experience a total crash of your user profile due to any reason. In that case, you will be in...

Top 10 Mac Productivity Apps 2017

Mac Productivity Apps
Have you ever thought to enhance your work efficiency on your Mac? Well, there are a number of Mac productivity apps that can help you achieve the same. By using such apps, you can easily perform your daily tasks like creating keyboard shortcuts, remembering...

How to Find the Best in Mac Apps

Find the Best in Mac Apps
Just got a new Mac? If so, then read our complete post to know how to find the best in Mac apps. Many enthusiasts and developers are designing high-quality apps these days to enhance computing experience on a Mac. In this tutorial, we’ve summed...

Why is my mac so slow and how to fix it

Why is my mac so slow
Is your macbook running slow? Or are you asking yourself, but why is my mac so slow. Indeed, been surprised can sometimes be unwelcomed. But relax, this is no surprise. Just like every electronics, as time passes-by, MacBooks will start operating far slower than when...

10 Best Mac Apps You Should Download Right Now

Mac Apps
With Mac enticing many eyeballs day by day, various app developers are giving their best shot to take the user experience to the next level. Plenty of apps, ranging from antivirus apps to utility ones are being introduced every day. But how to look...

Top 5 Photo Editors for Mac You Should Check Out

Photo Editors for Mac
Captured an image in low light? Is red-eye in your shot has ruined your special moment? If you’re moving your head in a big yes, try your hands at these 5 best photo editors for Mac, which will definitely help you bring back the...

How to Delete Mac Apps to Free up Storage

Delete Mac Apps
If you’re a regular Mac user, you definitely know the drill: when you want to delete Mac apps, you first need to move them to the Trash Can by selecting them and pressing the Command + Delete hotkey. Once the apps are in the...

How to Lock Apps on Mac, Android, and iPhone

Lock Apps on Mac
Enabling the default security password on your Mac, Android, and iPhone protects your important data from being accessed by unauthorized users. However, it becomes very frustrating at times when your device asks you for the password even when you need to perform some basic...

Speed up mac: 5 easy tricks you should know

Speed up mac: 5 easy tricks you should know
Tired of that spinning beach ball every time you open an app? Is your Mac taking ages to boot? “Your startup disk is full” – Is this the message you receive while storing your data these days? If yes, your Mac needs a dramatic...

25 Best Mac Apps You Should Know

Best Mac Apps
Whether you have a brand new Mac that needs some apps and utilities to get it going or you just want to expand your app collection on your old Mac, don’t miss our list of best Mac apps. Let’s dig a little deeper. Best Mac...

Why is my mac so slow and how should I fix it

why is my mac so slow
One of the most common thoughts for each mac user is that why is my mac so slow. Well, despite being a robust machine, macs do slow down over a period of time and there can be numerous reasons behind it. Here're some common...

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Reports: Google Building Social Gaming Startup Called Arcade

Google is reportedly building social gaming startup called Arcade. Expected to boast of elements of a trivia game, the Arcade could make its debut this...