best online shopping sites

10 best online shopping sites worldwide

Online shopping sites or eCommerce stores are the developing present and ultimate future of shopping. The eCommerce sites might be the real purpose behind...
How to use Google Maps offline

How to use Google Maps offline

Google Maps has made it extremely easy to travel in any part of the world with its detailed maps, cycling, car, and walking navigation,...
How to use Snapchat for Android and iPhone

How to use Snapchat for Android and iPhone

Snapchat is no more just an app with a couple of simple notorious uses. Over time, the name has evolved into a social media...
Google Calendar

Best 5 calendars you should add to Google Calendar

Subscribing to existing calendars is the best approach to make your Google Calendar work for you. Once you have started adding events and tasks...
world's first website cern

The world’s first website turns 25 today

It all started on December 20, 1990, when Sir Tim Berners-Lee introduced the first website to the world by hosting it on his NeXT computer...

DoubleTwist’s new app CloudPlayer turns cloud storage into a music streaming service

With so many online storage services around, it’s hard to manage two or more at the same time. DoubleTwist announces a new Android app...

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Reports: Google Building Social Gaming Startup Called Arcade

Google is reportedly building social gaming startup called Arcade. Expected to boast of elements of a trivia game, the Arcade could make its debut this...