Can Google Duplex AI replace call centers? Google Says No


When Google announced its revolutionary Duplex AI technology it I/O conference this year in May, it caused a stir. While people felt amazed at this new technology, the fear of the unknown future implications also grabbed the minds which now has raised a valid question – Can Google Duplex AI replace call centers run by humans?

Google Duplex AI is designed to sound much like humans. It is an extension and is meant to book appointments at restaurants and salons on behalf of users. Google says the technology is developed to save users the trouble of long-awaiting for their calls to be placed and bookings confirmed. Say, you want an appointment at a restaurant. Ask your Google Assistant to get it done.

As per a report, an insurance company is now looking for ways to use this technology to take over its human workers. So, can Google Duplex AI replace call centers? This seems quite disturbing as it not only poses threats to the jobs of call representatives but also unsettles the recipients who don’t know whether they are talking to a human or robot.

However, Google has totally denied this. The company states:

We’re currently focused on consumer use cases for the Duplex technology where we can help people get things done, rather than applying it to potential enterprise use cases.

Google has clarified that they are not testing this technology with any business client, yet. Their current approach is mainly about getting feedbacks while they incorporate new things into the technology.

Although the report confirms that the insurance company has slowed down this project, the possible implications a, no matter it’s about netgear extender setup or mywifiext net, nd effects of Duplex AI do remain intact. After all, Google answer to the call center incident does not confirm they will not advance this technology for such purposes in the future. But for now, businesses and employees can rest assured that their jobs are safe.

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Can Google Duplex AI replace call centers? Google Says No
Can Google Duplex AI replace call centers? This question is raised after an insurance company tried to use the technology for such a purpose.
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