Can digital business cards cover for printed business cards

digital business cards

No matter you’re a startup or giant corporation, establish a professional connection is your undeniable need. And when it comes to using business cards to make a connection with your clients and contacts, a rectangular designed tangible cardstocks come to the mind. But are they enough to provide you with the desired productivity? Have they been enough satisfactory so as to make you stand out among competitors? Are they relevant enough in this digital business era?

The answer to all these queries seems to go negative. Thankfully, a trendy way to beat this nuisance has come forward.

Digital Business Cards

They are a unique, hassle-free way to spread your business connections across the globe. IDENCARD digital business card app helps you convey your business identity to your prospective clients in the most efficient and quick manner. You can create and share attractive business card digitally in a matter of minutes.

Since all your business networking and prospecting have been through paper business cards, you’d feel a bit awkward about the novel concept of these digital versions. Let’s do a vegas bail comparative study of both business card versions to analyze what each has to offer.

Paper-based Business Cards

Merit: Paper-based cards are a good physical reminder of the person you met even years back. They help you make a connection with others while you’re at any in-person event like seminar, conference or other massive gathering.

Merit: These cards are easier to carry due to their small size. Your client can follow up with you whenever they need you. All they require to do is have a look at your business card and contact you using your info.

But printed cards have disadvantages, too, that affect a lot of business networking.

Demerit: A major pitfall is that it wastes time and money to get them updated. They come in stocks, so when you need to modify your contact info, your existing stock will suffer. And then there will be a full-fledged rebranding and a lot of time and money will be spent to get the stock ready.

Demerit: The limited number of printed cards also gets in your way to distributing as many numbers as you want. You’ll have to get another stock ready before you run out of your existing stock. In case there’s a gap, your networking will have to suffer.

Digital business cards: an alternative

Merit 1: IDENCARD digital business card app is a quick, modern, and hassle-free manner to create your business card in a few taps and share them with anyone around the world digitally. This makes communication and connection building global.

Merits 2: Digital business cards mushroom your connections in order to accentuate your business presence. The IDENCARD app lets you share your digital business cards via popular email and chat apps like WhatsApp, Outlook, and Gmail. Once the QR code of your card is scanned by your client, you’ll be included on their connections list.

Merit 3: Digital business card offer larger space which you can use to add everything you want to share about your professional side. IDENCARD allows you to add notes, reminders, profile picture, and descriptions, etc. along with your name, designation, brand logo, and contact info. Such details give a personal touch to your digital business card and make it look more authentic.

Merit 4: By leveraging social media, you can make the most your business card. Social media is the most popular networking tool these days and IDENCARD smart digital business card app helps you utilize its power by adding clickable links to your social network profiles.

The bottom line

Digital way of prospecting is a not a new term but it’s yet to be appreciated by the conventional minds that are still sticking to the printed versions for their business networking. Digital business card apps like IDENCARD make it super-easy and quick to build connections the world over by creating and sharing highly-customizable, professional-looking digital business cards.

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Can digital business cards cover for printed business cards
IDENCARD digital business card app helps you accentuate your business identity and spread your networks by creating and sharing attractive digital business cards.