Effective Tips On Maintaining Your Skylight Units


Skylights and rooflights are an aesthetically pleasing experience. They provide dull dwelling places with heat, light, ventilation, and beauty. They fill your interior with happiness and wellbeing. Since these products are costlier than another décor, it’s essential you maintain them properly to always keep the skylight you’ve installed on to your property in a good shape.

After you buy skylights London and install one on to your living space, the regular task of maintaining it starts. These products are delicate and need a proper upkeep from time to time. A proper maintenance will prevent potential damage like cracking and contracting of your skylight and keep it in proper functioning.

In this post, we’ve discussed some excellent tips to help you keep your skylights in a good shape in the easiest manner. Let’s get going!

Keep the glass clean

This is a regular maintenance tip. Glasses are more prone to weather and atmospheric damage than any other material. They get stained very easily. Make it a routine to clean the glass of your skylight from inside and outside on a regular basis. You can use mild soap and clean water to wipe dirt from the glass. If necessary, you can also use a non-abrasive cleaner to get rid of any debris. Never use pointed materials such as blades and knives to remove dirt marks.

Keep the frame in a good shape

Frames are not just the beauty of your skylight but provide strength to the product as well. Keeping them in a good shape is necessary from an aesthetic as well as function point of view. In case your skylight has a wood frame, chances are it will fade away its glory soon and see the damage. Make it a habit of inspecting the glass frames for any wear and scratches. In case you find damage, replace it soon. Frames are an important part of the installation and they need your full attention.

Ensure it’s still leak-free

This is very important. Glazing products are made to provide you with natural light and heat with the help of a sealed glazing. Not only is it good to buy rooflights London but keeping them leak-free always is also necessary. Generally, cracks occur around skylights after years of use. If found they must be repaired immediately. Your glazing product must always be sealed and leak-free to work at the desired level.

Examine the mechanical part

This is for open rooflights. Keep checking the motor components on a regular basis. Make sure they have an appropriate lubrication and perform smoothly. In case any gear or part struggles to work properly, contact a well-trained professional to get it repaired without delay.

Skylights are a delicate product even if they are made from strong glass materials. Check the product properly when you buy skylights London. They need a regular maintenance and upkeep routine to function properly. For simple cleaning and dusting tasks, you can do by yourself or take help of your housekeeper. However, when maintaining the more advanced parts like gear and motor, it’s recommended to seek out a licensed professional.