Facebook privacy bug set 14 million users’ posts to ‘Public’

Facebook privacy bug
Facebook privacy bug set 14 million users’ posts to ‘Public’

Facebook’s perturbation doesn’t seem to end so soon! After the shocking Cambridge-Analytica data scandal and its aftermath, another privacy issue has showed up. Facebook stated on Thursday that a Facebook privacy bug was found affecting the posts of 14 million users, making them again consider why they’re still using the social networks.

Facebook alerted on Thursday that a software bug was changing the privacy setting of 14 million (…that’s a huge number) users to “Public” without ever them realizing this. It was on May 18 that the Facebook privacy bug went active while the company was experimenting with a new feature. However, when they got to know of it on May 22, they took an immediate action and the issue had successfully been resolved by May 27. The company said that they got to all affected posts from that duration and reverted the sharing settings of those posts. In the words of Erin Egan, the chief privacy officer:

Starting today we are letting everyone affected know and asking them to review any posts they made during that time.

Additionally, Facebook will apologize to all 14 million users who had to suffer due to this software bug. The affected users will receive Facebook notification from Thursday onwards to “Please Review Your Posts”. Besides this, they will also receive a list of all of their affected posts from May 18 to May 27. As per Erin Egan:

We’d like to apologize for this mistake.

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This is a privacy breach and pretty shocking. The users who thought they were sharing their messages privately were actually been broadcasted. The fact is that our Facebook posts are set to “Public” by default. However, users can tweak their privacy settings to make some specific posts “Private”. Since they’re used to their personal settings, users must have overlooked the “Public” status of their posts.

The tech giant has not yet recovered from the recent data privacy scandal, and now this bug…it will not be a rosy path for Facebook in the wake of such disturbances.

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Facebook privacy bug set 14 million users’ posts to ‘Public’
A Facebook privacy bug affected the posts of 14 million users from May 18 to May 27, making them again consider why they’re still using the social networks.
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