How to Easily Bookmark and Share Tweets like a Flash

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How to Easily Bookmark and Share Tweets like a Flash

With Twitter introducing its brand new features to bookmark and share tweets with your friends, it has been pretty easy for users to manage their favorite tweets. By using the “Bookmark” tool, you can save a tweet straightaway for future. Additionally, there’s this option called “Share” which makes it easier than before to share your desired tweets with your friends.

Twitter launched the “Bookmark” feature in November 2017 for the first time due to the myriad of user requests for adding something fresh to save tweets. Since then, it had been in testing phase until now when it’s launched properly at the end of February 2018.

Currently, these two options of “Bookmark” and “Share” are made available on Twitter for Android, Twitter for iOS, Twitter Lite, and So, if your device doesn’t find these options on Twitter, you need to get your app updated.

Walk through the post to learn more about how you can bookmark and share tweets instantaneously from now onwards.

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How to Bookmark Tweets

Bookmarking a tweet is useful when you’re too busy to check a tweet thoroughly or perhaps you want to keep it with you because you like it. Be it anything, you don’t need to rely on the “Like” and “DM” options to save a tweet. Simply, bookmark it to access later.

In order to use bookmark tweets, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to your desired tweet
  • Tap (or click) the Share icon below the tweet
  • Choose “Add Tweet to Bookmarks”

Share Tweets-Add Tweet to BookmarksFrom now on, this tweet will reside in your bookmarks page till you remove it. Whenever you want to access this tweet, simply tap (or click) on your profile picture and select “Bookmarks”.

Your bookmarked tweet is exclusive to your visibility. Not even the author of this tweet knows that you have bookmarked their tweet. This is good because earlier when you would like a tweet to save it for future, the author was notified and the Twitter community would take it as your approval of that tweet, which may not be the case all the time.

How to Share Tweets

Coming to the “Share” feature, you’ll find it more encompassing than the above feature. This tool not only lets you keep a tweet for later use but also (as the name suggests) share it with your friends via multiple ways. You can DM the tweet, share it via a messaging app, or send it as an email.
Share Tweets-Share Tweets ViaThere’s this same icon (resembling Share) to bookmark and share tweets. Once you tap (or click) the Share icon below your desired tweet, and this time select “Share Tweet via” option to make your contacts familiar with that tweet.

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How to Easily Bookmark and Share Tweets like a Flash
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