How to Easily Watch Netflix on Smart TV

Watch Netflix on Smart TV
How to Easily Watch Netflix on Smart TV

Netflix has been extremely popular worldwide in such a short span of time, having landed in the hands of 100m users till now. The convenient feature of movie rentals by mail might, primarily, have the credit for this popularity but the second one goes to the internet video streaming service for sure which lets you watch any movie you like online. And using your Smart TV to do the task makes this more exciting and handy. Want to know how you can watch Netflix on Smart TV? Scroll down the post to learn it in detail.

Watch Netflix on Smart TV


  1. Your Smart TV’s firmware must be updated to the latest version. To do so, simply download the file on to your computer, transfer it to your TV via a USB drive or pen drive.
  2. You must have the Netflix app downloaded on your Smart TV. You can get it from your TV’s app store.
  3. Fetch a Netflix plan which supports streaming videos to watch Netflix on Smart TV

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Steps to Use Your Smart TV to Watch Netflix

  • First off, enable your home network and connect your smart TV to it. This you can do by either of the two ways below:
  1. Plug an Ethernet cable into your TV and router
  2. Head to Network menu on your Smart TV and choose your home network
  • Press Smart TV apps button on your Smart TV remote to launch apps lists. Below is how you can access the smart apps on popular Smart TVs:
  1. On Samsung: Press the multi-colored cube icon to launch the list of Smart apps
  2. On Sony: Use the “Internet Apps” or Netflix Button to bring apps list
  3. On LG: Head to the “My Apps” button to do the task
  4. On Panasonic: Press the “Apps” button to make the apps list appear
  5. On Vizio: Look for the Netflix button or Vizio logo to open the list
  • Go to the Netflix app from the appeared list

Watch Netflix on Smart TV-Open Netflix App

  • Access your Netflix account by entering your login details in the required field

Watch Netflix on Smart TV-Browse Netfiix Videos

  • Browse your Netflix videos on the TV to search for your favorite one using the arrow buttons on your Smart remote. After selecting your desired video, press the “Enter” or “Select” button on your Smart remote

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How to Easily Watch Netflix on Smart TV
Netflix is popular video streaming service which lets you watch movies online. Want to know how you can watch Netflix on Smart TV now? Read on.
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