How to Know if You’ve been Blocked on WhatsApp

Blocked on WhatsApp
How to Know if You’ve been Blocked on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is all about being in touch with friends and family. No matter where you are or what time it is; you can anytime lay your heart bare to your loved ones. What if someone didn’t respond to you even after you sent them a dozen of messages? Perhaps they aren’t using their app for a while…still, there’s no harm in checking out if they’re ignoring you on purpose (especially if you already had doubt that they could). Thankfully, finding out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp is not rocket science. Scroll down this how-to article to explore the checklist you can rely on to find this out.

5 Signs You’ve been Blocked on WhatsApp

You must check for all the 5 signs mentioned below together to be sure someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Sign 1: Their Profile Pic Remains Same

Although there may be any reason why someone hasn’t changed their profile picture in a while, you can still put it on your checklist to find out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp or not. When you can’t see their profile image at all, this means either they have removed their picture or lost (or removed) your contact. But if this contact has not updated their picture for long, there may be a chance they’ve blocked you. Checked this, you can move on to the next sign.

Sign 2: Their “Last Seen” Status isn’t Visible

Check wether You're Blocked on WhatsApp-Their “Last Seen” Status isn’t Visible
You must be aware of the “Last Seen” status feature on WhatsApp—it’s underneath the profile pic and name of a contact when you open your chat with them. If you can’t see their “Last Seen” status, they might have blocked you.

But be careful! We cannot be certain just yet as WhatsApp offers an intentional disabling of this status. So, there can be a chance your contact or even you have disabled it in your app. If that’s so, you can’t see their “Last Seen” anyway. Still, combined with this, you can check for other signs as well to know whether they have blocked you or not.

Sign 3: There’s only One Tick

Check wether You're Blocked on WhatsApp-There’s only One Tick
The blue ticks on your WhatsApp messages are an important indicator to reveal if you’re still on someone’s list or not. One grey tick indicates the message has been sent. Two grey ticks mean it’s been received by your contact’s phone. Two blue ticks tell that your contact has read the messages.

If you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp by someone, then the message you send to them will get only one grey tick. However, you’ll have to go for other tests as well to be sure they have blocked you, as one grey tick doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing for you. Perhaps your contact isn’t using their WhatsApp at all (maybe because they’re busy or got their phone damaged).

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Sign 4: Your Call doesn’t Connect

Check wether You're Blocked on WhatsApp-Your Call doesn’t Connect
Even if the above three signs indicate something negative, you must not reach a conclusion just yet. Coming this far, a wise move will be to go for something bigger—calling them via WhatsApp. Simply place a voice call to them and check whether your call is going through. If it does, you’re still a friend. But if there’s no ringing, you’re probably blocked. However, the latter can also be a case when the contact in question isn’t connected to the internet. Therefore, you have to bring it all together in order to be certain.

Sign 5: You Can’t Add them in Groups

Check wether You're Blocked on WhatsApp-You can’t Add them in Groups
Although we’ve been gathering only the circumstantial evidence so far; this last one is a 100% assurance that you’ve been blocked. But why did we put it in last if this one is enough? Well, that’s because it contains a risk of getting caught at your investigation upon the contact in question. Therefore, go through the above tests, first, and then try your hands at this one.

All you need to do is create a group and add some of your contacts into it. Now, try adding the suspected contact into the group. If you can add this contact successfully, good news…you’re not blocked regardless of the above tests going bad. (remember, those are circumstantial.)

If, on the other hand, you receive an error notification saying that you aren’t authorized to add them, you are certainly blocked, without any doubt.

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything to unblock you from your end if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp by someone. All you can do is simply ask this contact in person if you want to learn what went wrong.

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How to Know if You’ve been Blocked on WhatsApp
Finding out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp is not rocket science. Scroll down the article to explore the checklist you can rely on to find this out.
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