How to install multiple updates and programs on different Macs at once

Update Mac
Mac OS X updates and apps are always awesome to get your hands on, but the only infuriating thing about them is their giant-sized installers. The size of some installers even scales up to several gigabytes. You can be exposed to a very difficult time...

Play Flappy Droid – a tribute to Flappy Bird on Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow Flappy Bird
Enjoyed Flappy Bird on your Android Lollipop device? Well, you can continue enjoying the game even after updating your device to Android Marshmallow. Like its predecessor, the latest version of Android will also let you enjoy the addictive Flappy Bird. Google has a nasty habit...

Five Things To Do Before Selling Your Android Device

Five Things To Do Before Selling Your Android Device
Planning to sell your Android phone? Before moving further or selling your Android device, make sure you have copied all your personal data from your smartphone and then removed it so that no one can misuse the data on your smartphone. If you are...

How to Check Heart Rate with Android Phone

Check Heart Rate with Android
Back in 2014, Samsung Galaxy S5 came with a marquee feature of an integrated heart rate monitor. That was the day when rest of the smartphone makers pitched in to come up with some similar feature of their own. Though we aren’t much sure...

How to access all the settings from a single place in Windows 10

Windows 10 GodMode
Windows 10 places the settings and controls at two separate locations, the new Settings menu and the traditional Control Panel, due to which looking for a specific setting/option can get a touch confusing. However, you can thwart the inconvenience of visiting separate locations for managing different settings by...

How to print various Gmail messages at once

Gmail Emails
The only print method in Gmail is to open a single email and select a printable version but it gets futile when you are trying to print multiple emails in one go. Well, here's a quick solution to bail you out. This article will tell you...

How to Add Multiple Google Accounts to Google Home in 7 easy steps

Add Multiple Google Accounts to Google Home
Google makes it possible to identify different voices of people and offers personalized information to everyone with the help of their Google accounts. Now, you can easily add multiple Google accounts to Google Home, so everyone in the family can share a single device. The...

How to clean app data and app cache in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

App Data Removal
Android 6.0 Marshmallow lets you free up some valuable space on your device by removing unwanted app data. App data for a specific application includes cache and other app-specific info such as log-in, settings, etc. The cache of an app stores elements of information that help...

How to see who used your PC and when

How to see who used your PC and when?
Keep an eye on who’s using your computer in your absence with the new Logon Auditing feature. By simply enabling logon auditing you can have Windows track down which user accounts logged in and when. The Audit logon event helps in keeping track of...

[Fixed] iPhone keeps restarting randomly

iPhone Keeps Restarting Randomly
iPhone is surely one of the most popular gadgets in the world. While iPhone devices are known for providing a flawless and glitch-free mobile experience, they have a little chink in their armor that plays a spoilsport: iPhone devices, especially iPhone 6, restart randomly,...

How to change your default browser and phone apps in Marshmallow

How to change your default browser and phone apps in Marshmallow
In the pre-Marshmallow Android era, you were required to navigate to Settings > Apps, clear your default app settings, go back to the home-screen to reselect a new default. But now, Marshmallow gives you the authority to replace your default app for various functions with...

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Reports: Google Building Social Gaming Startup Called Arcade

Google is reportedly building social gaming startup called Arcade. Expected to boast of elements of a trivia game, the Arcade could make its debut this...