OnePlus 6 Review: Specs, Features and Price

OnePlus 6 Review
OnePlus 6 Review: Specs, Features and Price

OnePlus has been serving the smartphone industry with the most consistent performance for years now. All its released phones deliver same hi-end features but with a price tag that’s shockingly budget-friendly, earning a whole slew of devotees who desperately await the next handset to arrive in the market. Let’s see if the latest OnePlus 6 device fulfills the expectations with which it has filled the fans.

This long-awaited flagship from OnePlus is available from May 22, 2018, boasting a blend of Galaxy S9, Pixel 2, and iPhone X.

OnePlus 6 Review: Specs and Features

Available in three versions viz. Mirror Black, Midnight Black, and Silk White; the latest OnePlus phone features a 6.28in AMOLED display and a Snapdragon 845 CPU with 8GB RAM, which is more than what Samsung’s Galaxy S9 has been offering. Talking about camera, the smartphone boasts of an upgraded dual-camera setup, packed with a new slow motion capture.

However, there are fields where the smartphone lacks as compared to its competitors. It doesn’t support wireless charging. And while it is an integral thing to include, OnePlus 6 offers a better water resistance as compared to its predecessors, the phone doesn’t have IP67 water resistance feature which adds a drawback to its excellent design.


OnePlus 6 Review-Design

When it comes to design, OnePlus 6 is almost 100% glass, with its 7.8mm thick, painted aluminum edges. Although the phone doesn’t match the thickness of its rivals, it still looks as elite due to the curved glass rear and solid build. The glass-build tweaks with the traditional design. There’s a redesign of the fingerprint scanner on the rear and the Alert slider has been positioned now on the right side of the phone.

The glass build may sound a beautiful idea to you but it has hitches. It’s way more slippery than its predecessor, OnePlus 5T. However, the Gorilla Glass 5 coverage may provide it an ability to withstand light tumbles and trips. Besides, Midnight Black and Silk White versions seem more prone to fingerprint coating, making users worry more about handling the delicate handset.

OnePlus 6 comes with a headphone jack to plug your 3.5mm accessories, denying the need for an adapter.


OnePlus 6 Review-Display

OnePlus 6 features an AMOLED display with 2280 x 1080 resolutions and has kept an iPhone X-like notch placement housing the 16MP front-facing camera and speaker. Its AMOLED display endows vibrant colors. No doubt, the brightness levels are no match with S9’s excellent display, but it still surpasses the previous phones in the OnePlus lineup.

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Battery and Performance

OnePlus 6 Review-Battery and Performance

OnePlus 6 is incredibly supple in its performance and can beat any of its rival phones on this ground. It boasts a clean-cut, simple OS, making the device pretty fast in actions and transitions. The apps open instantaneously and there’s nothing that makes phone lag anywhere. Thankfully, the ‘jelly-lag’ scrolling issue found on the previous OnePlus lineup is sorted out here on this phone. Sadly, the battery life isn’t that great but it matches its rivals in this regard.


OnePlus 6 Review-Software

OnePlus 6 runs on Android Oreo 8.1, which comes in OnePlus 6 stock OxygenOS. The same iPhone X-like gestures included in OnePlus 5 and 5T are also added here but in refined form. You can hide or disable the navigation bar to use the gestures.

For gaming lovers, OnePlus 6 allows you to prioritize bandwidth for multiplayer games as well as a Gaming Battery Saver setting. Besides, early adopters will be able to upgrade their OnePlus 6 to Android’s latest OS release, Android P Beta.


OnePlus 6 Review-Camera

This is where OnePlus 6 comes into controversies. Although the latest smartphone offers an upgrade to the previous camera found on earlier OnePlus phones, users may not find the image quality as impressive as found in the smartphones from Samsung, Google, and Apple.

However, there is much that must be given credit to. With OnePlus 6, Slow Motion video recording feature debuts on the OnePlus lineup. It can brilliantly capture full-minute videos up to 480fps. The front 16MP camera sensor can capture portrait mode images.

OnePlus 6 Review: Price

All the three versions are available in the price tag you are used to. The entry-level 64GB Mirror and Midnight Black models cost $529/£469, while 128GB black and white models cost $579/£519, and the 256GB midnight Black comes in $629/£569.

OnePlus 6 Review: Verdict

OnePlus 6 is certainly the most impressive smartphone, competing brilliantly against its rivals. Although users will have to compromise on some grounds like the lack of wireless charging and water resistance, and the image quality is also not on par with other premium phones, OnePlus 6 has still shown a potential to lead the 2018 smartphone market.

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OnePlus 6 Review: Specs, Features and Price
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