Promoting your Business on Facebook: Do’s and Don’ts

Promoting your Business on Facebook
Promoting your Business on Facebook: Do’s and Don’ts

Being the largest global networking platform with more than a billion active users, Facebook provides everything a business owner requires to introduce his/her brand to the more engaged audience in a short span of time. However, there’s a trick. Promoting your business on Facebook the right way requires knowledge and smartness.

While business giants have various means to ensure their establishment in the market, it’s small business owners who can’t do without an effective promotion in their initial phase. It acts as a head-start for them. Certainly, Facebook is capable of that. But you’ll have to be careful while deciding how exactly you’re going to manage it and what you need to do to avoid any backfire.

Constantly, Facebook is coming up with new ways to help startups gain early and healthy exposure to potential new customers on the platform. Let’s take a look at what and how you can make your Facebook presence a worthy tool to support your business.

Promoting your Business on Facebook: What to Do?

  1. Create a Facebook Page for Your Brand

This is the first step you should take while promoting your business on Facebook. A well-constructed and maintained Facebook page provides authenticity and exposure to your brand.

On your Facebook home page, head to the Pages option to create a new page. Fill in the form with all the necessary details and add a relevant profile picture and cover photo. Ask your friends to follow your page. Don’t forget to add a Contact Me button by which users will be able to contact you when needed. Be mindful that you need to update your page regularly with new and useful posts to keep in touch with your followers.

  1. Join Relevant and Active Groups

Your business page is new. So, it will take time for it to gain traction. In the meanwhile, you can look for the groups suitable for your business. Ask the admin for permission to join the group and go through all the rules and regulations the group poses. Once in, you can introduce your product and services, and brand to others in the group and eventually attract visitors and followers to your page and business.

  1. Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook offers a marketplace platform for exchanges of products and services. Visit Facebook Marketplace to get started. Here you can list your products under various categories, mention the price and submit. Once your product is live and you receive messenger chat requests from the interested buyers, you can set the delivery and payment terms on a personal basis.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Promoting your Business on Facebook-Facebook AdvertisementThis is, inarguably, the most important thing to do while promoting your business on Facebook. How would you ensure your targeted audiences will see your page amongst other pages of similar products? The answer: use Facebook Ads. Creating awareness about your business page will increase customer engagement for you.

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Promoting your Business on Facebook: What Not to Do?

  1. Staying Out of Line with Your Business Culture

The appearance of your business page and the posts you update on it should be in line with your business goals. Otherwise, you’ll lose authenticity as well as the interest of potential customers. If you wish, you can be a little casual often times (and actually, this is rather good) but always strike a balance by being concentrated on your business actual personality while using your business page.

  1. Not Experimenting with Your Facebook Posts

Sticking to one type of content makes your posts boring. Don’t let it happen even if you think playing safe is a good option in the era of high competence. Instead, experiment with your content to make it refreshing and interesting for your targeted audience.

  1. Not Spending Money on Ad Testing

This can prove to be your biggest mistake while promoting your business on Facebook. Spending on a Facebook ad that doesn’t work will give you nothing. So, if you’re in habit of skipping the texting phase while creating a Facebook Ad for your products and services, you’re not going in the right direction.

If you know the right way, you can easily gain your business early and effective exposure on Facebook. Follow these tricks and ensure a huge boost to your brand reach and sales.

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