Reports: Google Building Social Gaming Startup Called Arcade

Google Building Social Gaming Startup
Reports: Google Building Social Gaming Startup Called Arcade

Google is reportedly building social gaming startup called Arcade. Expected to boast of elements of a trivia game, the Arcade could make its debut this summer.

Founded and co-owned by Michael Sayman, a 21-year old Google Project Manager, the project will focus mainly on social gaming with friends on mobile devices.

Michael Sayman came into the limelight earlier also. He served Facebook as an intern at age 17 and impressed Mark Zuckerberg with the creation of 4 Snaps, a social picture snapping and guessing game.  Later he created a video-centric social app called Lifestage for Facebook. At that time he was 19. The app was created to complete against SnapChat.
Google building Social Gaming-Michael Sayman
For those who want to know the functionality of the Social Gaming app, there is not much info available as the development of the Arcade is in an early stage. A Google spokesman reads,

It’s a very early experiment, so there aren’t many details to share right now.

The Social Gaming Startup is part of Google’s Area 120, which is a side-project assistant.  It allows employees to use 20 percent of their time to work on passion projects.

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Reports suggest the games obtainable at Arcade are currently not linked with any social network; instead, users will be allowed to create their account using their phone number. Google perhaps is considering this project as a social-media venture for the reason that once a game expands its size, it would interest social network by itself.

It’s not the first time when we see Google building social gaming startup, Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go was also an internal startup at Google before going separate ways.

As of now Google’s experience in the development of games is extremely confined due to the resignation of Google’s chief game designer from his position. It is said that he was extremely frustrated with the disinterest of his superiors in development of a video game.

However, with Sayman working on the development of Arcade, Google again has a proficient game creator on-board.  Reports also suggest that Sayman received a budget from Google to hire staff as well as to design, market and finance his own social gaming startup with less risk.

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Reports: Google Building Social Gaming Startup Called Arcade
Google is reportedly building social gaming startup, Arcade. Expected to show elements of a trivia game, the roll-out of Arcade could be in this summer.
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