How to share an Instagram Story as your own Story

share an Instagram Story
How to share an Instagram Story as your own Story

When Instagram launched “Stories” two years back, it didn’t know how popular it would be, especially when being a clone of Snapchat ephemeral posts. Once you’ve taken your photos and edit them as desired, you can upload them as a Story which disappears after 24 hours. Now, after 2 years Instagram has taken the feature to the next level: you can share an Instagram Story posted by your contact as your Story. Cool, isn’t it?

When you’re tagged in an Instagram Story, you receive a notification regarding it. Once you get the notification, you’ll be able to add their Story to your own. The feature is good. It’s, especially useful in case you went out with your friend at Friday night and they added a story containing your photo in it. No need to ask for the photos separately. Simply make their Story your own and show off to your connection the fun you had last night.

Share an Instagram Story as your own

It’s super-easy! Once you get notified that someone tagged you in their Story, head to the notification. There will be an option saying “Add This to Your Story.” In case, you don’t see the option on your Instagram app, you need to update it from the Play Store.

When you tap the “Add This to Your Story,” your friend’s Story will get a blue border around it. Here, you can edit it as you wish by adding stickers and implying a filter just as you do with your own Story. Post it as your Story; it will stay for 24 hours.
Share an Instagram Story-Edit and Share the StoryRemember, that when your Instagram friends will see this Story re-shared by you, they will also see the original publisher’s username at the top of it. If they want, they can tap this username. Note that you can share an Instagram Story as your own only when the person, who’s got the original Story, has a public account.

Just as others can tag you in their Stories, you can tag them in yours. Here’s how you can tag others in your Story.

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Tag someone in an Instagram Story

Want you bestie to notice your latest Story about your foreign trip? Mention the Story to them by adding a tag of their name. All you need to do is upload your photos or video to Instagram. Tap anywhere on the video or one of the images. Enter @[your friend’s name]. Now, post the Story.

Your friend will receive the notification of your tagging them. They can re-share this Story as their own if they want. However, you can control this by deciding whether someone can share your Instagram Story to their Story. To do this, navigate to the bottom-right corner of your Instagram launch page, and tap the three-dot icon. Select “Story Settings” from the appeared popup. On the next screen, toggle off the “Allow Sharing” option under the Sharing head. With this disabled, no one will be able to share your Story as theirs.

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