How to Easily Bookmark and Share Tweets like a Flash

Share Tweets
With Twitter introducing its brand new features to bookmark and share tweets with your friends, it has been pretty easy for users to manage their favorite tweets. By using the “Bookmark” tool, you can save a tweet straightaway for future. Additionally, there’s this option...

How to Set Twitter Image Descriptions for the Visually Impaired

Twitter Image Descriptions
According to recent reports, Twitter lets you describe your pics for visually impaired users. The social media platform has an option letting you add a description to your pictures to make images accessible for blind users. Want to set Twitter image descriptions for your...

Twitter Announces Ad Transparency Center to Foil Politics Meddling

Ad Transparency Center
In response to increased scrutiny over Russia-bought ads, Twitter has announced new measures to severely enhance transparency for all ads on its network. The company is reportedly to launch an ad transparency center along with stricter rules for political ads. The change comes amid escalating...

How to Block Someone on Twitter with Ease

Blocking on Twitter is a useful feature helping you control how you interact with other users. It lets you restrict specific Twitter accounts from contracting you, seeing your tweets and following you. Whether you’re facing nuisance, spam from bots or just a general unpleasant interaction...

How to Disable Autoplay Videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Disable Autoplay Videos
Videos are becoming an extensive part of our web browsing. When you browse Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you would have come across videos in your feed playing automatically. While we welcome this new video-centric feature of social networks, most of you certainly do not...

How to Easily Delete a Tweet on Web and Mobile

Delete a Tweet
Has it ever happened when you thought the tweet you’ve posted last night was not appropriate and you have the second tweet in your mind to post? Maybe you thought you tweeted something too early or you don’t want to actually post a tweet....

Twitter Considers Paid Subscription Version of TweetDeck for Power Users

Twitter Considers Paid Subscription Version of TweetDeck for Power Users
It has been six years since Twitter owned TweetDeck, but the company may build an enhanced version of the client. According to some reports, Twitter considers paid subscription version of TweetDeck aimed at professionals. The company has started surveying some power users to check which...

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Reports: Google Building Social Gaming Startup Called Arcade

Google is reportedly building social gaming startup called Arcade. Expected to boast of elements of a trivia game, the Arcade could make its debut this...