Speed up mac: 5 easy tricks you should know

Speed up mac: 5 easy tricks you should know
Speed up mac: 5 easy tricks you should know

Tired of that spinning beach ball every time you open an app? Is your Mac taking ages to boot? “Your startup disk is full” – Is this the message you receive while storing your data these days? If yes, your Mac needs a dramatic improvement.

Although Macs are speedy, you cannot be always sure of a fast performance. Just like other machinery, they tend to slow down with the passage of time. Don’t worry, though! You only need to make some easy fixes and your Mac will be running like new again.

You can perform these tricks manually or use Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner to clean up and speed up Mac in a matter of minutes.

5 easy tricks to speed up mac

  1. Disable unwanted login items

Login items are those apps, services, and programs that launch at the same time when you turn on your Mac. These can drastically slow down Mac. It’s recommended that you should disable unwanted login items in order to speed up Mac startup. Here’s how:

  • Open System Preferences > Users & Groups
  • Go to username > Login Items
  • Select all unwanted apps
  • Click the minus button below

You can perform these tricks easily and fast by using the best mac cleaner app.

  1. Clear system cache

Loads of outdated cache files can be the biggest reason for a Mac running slow. Your system stores the data you access to help you easily get to it in the future. Over time, this data stacks up because you’re removing it. Keep removing it from time to time to help your Mac stay in its good shape.

To manually remove junk cache files, go to Finder > Go > Go to Folder and type ~/Library/Caches

You can save a lot of manual hassle by taking the expert help of the best mac cleaner to delete cache files in minutes.

  1. Clean up RAM

When you’re running short of RAM, your Mac uses the system’s virtual memory to store your data. This virtual memory is nothing but the free space of the hard drive and can be extremely slow.

To clear up RAM, check the apps that are running currently on your system. Dismiss the apps that you’re not using and re-launch the remaining ones. Besides, reload the web browser(s) you’re using and close unnecessary tabs.

  1. Free up the hard drive

Having stacks of unused files and folders on your system is not wise. You’re just wasting your useful disk space and making your Mac running slow.

It’s better to find and remove unwanted items or move them to an external HDD or to the cloud if you need them later. For those feeling shy about performing these tricks manually, the best mac cleaner software can be a powerful tool to improve mac performance.

  1. Use Mac Optimizer Pro

You can save a lot of your time and manual efforts by using Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, to make these fixes on your behalf. The best mac cleaner is designed to tackle multiple issues, single-handedly, to breathe a new life into your sluggish Mac. This all-in-one suite fixes frequent system hang, removes unnecessary files, disable incompatible login items, clears up disk space, removes the old cache, fixes error messages, and a lot more.

Voted as the best Mac cleaner by millions of Mac users worldwide, Mac Optimizer Pro is a useful tool to speed up a slow Mac in a matter of minutes. It fine-tunes your Mac and improves its functionality and stability. Download Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, today and rest assured for your Mac’s performance.

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Speed up mac: 5 easy tricks you should know
Download Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, to clean up and speed up Mac in minutes. The mac cleaner software fine-tunes your Mac and improves its stability.
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