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Microsoft Patent Explains Why Folding Phones is the Next Big Thing

Microsoft Patent
After months of speculations, Microsoft Surface Phone will be finally arriving in 2018. A new Microsoft patent application is apparently detailing some information on a foldable phone running Andromeda OS. Titled ‘Hinge with free-stop function’, the patent explains the technologies, which may be implemented...

Facebook, Twitter announce support for Apple against FBI

Apple FBI Warning
Facebook and Twitter has announced to join the list of Apple supporters in the San Bernardino shooting case. Better late than never, both companies have sided with Apple opposing the government orders with solid statements. Facebook and Twitter pushed their support behind Apple as of...

Amazon releases ad teaser clip on ‘Prime Air’ drone delivery service

Amazon, the biggest online retailer, has released a video showcasing its next-gen drone delivery service. The video, released on Sunday, November 29, features TV host Jeremy Clarkson detailing the package drop. The 137-sec promotional video clip shows Clarkson doing some commentary on the successful package delivery...

Snapchat warns users of third-party apps

Third-party Apps
Snapchat users would like to get rid of some third-party apps installed on their video-sharing app, given the news that multiple third-party Snapchat apps are leaking their Snapchat account info. If you are also using one of the blacklisted apps on your Snapchat app, it’s...

Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini rumored to contend iPhone 5SE

Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini rumored to contend iPhone 5E
After the immense success of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung is now expected to come up with a Mini version for the recently launched flagship devices. Reports suggest that upcoming smartphone might compete with Apple iPhone 5E, which is expected to launch at the Apple...

MS Project “Madeira” business management solution now available in public preview

Project Madeira
Microsoft's Project Madeira is a business management solution for SMBs that robotizes and streamlines business procedures and helps them deal with their business. According to sources, Microsoft’s Project Madeira is now available in public preview. It offers an embedded encounter inside Office 365 so you...

Time to Delete Facebook! Here’s How to Do it

Delete Facebook
It may be the time to ditch the behemoth social network Facebook. Reports suggest that the data of nearly 50 million users of Facebook has been obtained by Cambridge Analytica which is a political data firm. In the wake of the news, WhatsApp co-founder...

Pocket Gamer Connects arrives in India

Pocket Gamer Connects
Pocket Gamer Connects is scheduled to be held in Bangalore on April 21st and April 22nd. After setting new records with two successful events (London and Helsinki) and over 1500 delegates, notable international mobile game conference-Pocket Gamer Connects a.k.a PG Connects is all set to arrive in...

Drayson Technologies raises £8mn for RF harvesting technology

Drayson Technologies
Drayson Technologies is a wireless innovator founded by Lore Paul Drayson - headquartered in London, UK. Incepted with the aim to develop wireless energy devices and sensor networks, the startup introduces a revolutionary energy producing technology that turns (RF) radio frequency signals into usable electricity...

Windows 10 File Explorer to get big update soon

Windows 10 File Explorer
Microsoft is working on a major update for its Windows 10 File Explorer. File Explorer, which was earlier known as Windows Explorer, is about to get updated. It lets you work with files and folders available on your OneDrive, PC and network. Used by more than 1B...

Latest Evidences Hints Phishing Emails Not to Blame for Global Cyber Attack

Latest Evidences Hints Phishing Emails Not to Blame for Global Cyber Attack
Dubbed WannaCry, the latest ransomware cyber attack has put all countries into deep fear after it affected lacs of systems worldwide on Friday. Although the source is unknown, some techies stated that all this could be an outcome of some phishing scam. In response...

Google on hiring binge for self-driving car project

Google gears up hiring for self-driving car project
Google’s self-driving car project is all set for a hiring spree; the company has advertised three dozen jobs on its website. The company is not only offering jobs for programmers and web designers, but has also covered many other fields. Google has listed 36 jobs under its...

Google is making its Nik collection for professional photographs free

Google is making its Nik collection for professional photographs free
Google has now removed the price-tag from its Nik Software. Nik software, Google’s most popular photo editing suite of seven different plug-ins aimed at advanced photography, is now available for free. Nik is one of the most popular hits in the Photoshop and Lightroom world. The software came to light when...

Google Ideas to relaunch as a Tech Incubator dubbed Jigsaw

Google Ideas
Google Ideas, Google’s think tank notable for working on ambitious projects like Project Shield and uProxy, is relaunching as a tech incubator dubbed Jigsaw. The newly formed company will develop tech solutions to geopolitical problems and digital attacks. Former Google CEO and current Executive...

New research can tell your behavior while using Internet

Research will now tell your behavior while using Internet
We often see colleagues annoyed and frustrated, and in this negative emotion they sometimes bang their mouse on the desk. Working on this situation, experts from the Brigham Young University decided to analyze user behavior under frustration. The researchers found that users use their mouse according...

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Reports: Google Building Social Gaming Startup Called Arcade

Google is reportedly building social gaming startup called Arcade. Expected to boast of elements of a trivia game, the Arcade could make its debut this...

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