WhatsApp Ready to Launch Chat Filter Feature-Here’s Everything About it

Chat Filter Feature
WhatsApp Ready to Launch Chat Filter Feature-Here’s Everything About it

WhatsApp is all set to roll out a new feature for its billion of users very soon. The Chat Filter feature —as they call it is making its way to the upcoming Beta version for Business app. The feature will not be made available to everyone directly. It will be first tested with a few users, and then introduced to the rest if proved a success.

It’s just about a week since WhatsApp’s co-founder, Jan Kuom announced his resignation from the board of director’s position and Facebook’s old associate, Chris Daniels took over. With so many changes going on in the company, users are sure to expect something refreshed every now and then. Right now, it’s the Chat Filter feature that’s going to show up soon. But what exactly it is.
Chat Filter Feature by WhatsApp-WABetaInfo Twitter AnnouncementWABetaInfo announced this upcoming feature on Twitter on May 8. According to them, Chat Filter enables users to filter WhatsApp messages within unread chats, groups, and broadcast lists. Once you tap the search option, you will see a Filter icon. Select it and you will receive options to decide where you want to search the messages in. When done, the filter will be applied and you are all set to search messages.

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As per the WABeta report, Chat Filter feature is at present only being developed for WhatsApp Business. There’s no information about when (if ever) it will make its way to WhatsApp for Android. However, chances are it will be improved before its release.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also working on way to allow users to send broadcast messages to even those contacts that don’t have the sender’s number saved in their address book.

Besides, the Facebook-owned app may also bring a sticker album feature in its upcoming updates. For now, it’s been disabled due to development reasons. So, chances are that you may not see it when you update your Business app. But it will be rolled out soon. No doubt, the company has been working aggressively on the platform’s enhancements every day. The reason why WhatsApp has been on the top of the IM pyramid to date.

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WhatsApp Ready to Launch Chat Filter Feature-Here’s Everything About it
WhatsApp is all set to bring a new feature to its billion of users. The Chat Filter feature as they call it is making way to the upcoming Business Beta app.
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