Why is my mac so slow and how to fix it

Why is my mac so slow
Why is my mac so slow

Is your macbook running slow? Or are you asking yourself, but why is my mac so slow. Indeed, been surprised can sometimes be unwelcomed. But relax, this is no surprise.

Just like every electronics, as time passes-by, MacBooks will start operating far slower than when they were initially acquired. ‘‘Why is my mac so slow?’’, that’s among the most natural questions asked in all Apple stores. Two products; MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, have registered most of customer complains. From the MacBook having insufficient cache, to the obsolesce of its OS X, the reasons for the slowness are numerous.

No need to worry! Although the reasons are legion for MacBooks to perform slower with time, the solutions are countless to fix this. For instance, you may need to wipe your browsing or download history because you have lots of cache. It could be that you possess ample customized settings that use up plenty of memory. Thus, you will need to change some personalized settings back to the recommended settings. Below you got five most common causes of the question ‘‘why is my so slow?’’ You also get to know how to speed your Mac. While these reasons are not exhaustive, we hope it offers you a better approach to deal with a slow Mac. In the end, we wish it definitely helps answer the question ‘‘Why is my computer so slow mac?’’

Here are the answers to your question why is my mac so slow

First Reason: Memory is short.
Memory shortage is in most cases the reasons your Mac will have you say ‘‘Why is my mac so slow?’’ You can doubt it if you want, but the fact is, the Mac’s hard drive fill up very easily. If you could imagine all the space the documents and program files you download occupy in your Mac. Then, this will make memory shortage comprehensible. Now that you know this, let’s get to the solution.

How to Fix why is my mac so slow:
Clear space; as simple as that. That’s the best shoot at speeding up your Mac when memory is lacking. Your Mac’s memory and it’s disk can be boosted and cleaned respectively. Several software exist online, free and easy to download. They will clean up junk files, clutter and old files, creating more space to your Mac’s memory. So, is your macbook running slow? Then the first thing to do is go download one of those software. This is the fastest and easiest remedy to cure your slow Mac when the germ is, lack of memory.

Second Reason for why is my mac so slow: Lots of Cache

There’s an area in your Mac aimed at speeding up data recovery and updating. It’s called a cache. It’s kept inside your computer’s memory. A cache is in essence the short-term holding place for stuffs like fonts and web page graphics. Your Mac’s cache can get full depending on what’s the rate and purpose of using the Mac. This can be the reason of your question, ‘‘why is my mac slow all of a sudden?”

How to Fix:
Now the question is, when my problem is a full cache, how can I fix the speed of my Mac? Short and simple, cleanup your cache. Do you want answers to “why is my mac running slow?’’ In case your cache is the problem, throw-out your download history, cookies, plug-ins, and browsing list. Files and images included. Cache cleaning should be the first option you try. This is because possessing too much cache is objectively the common motive for a slow Mac.

To solve the ‘‘why is my computer so slow mac?’’ due to abundant cache, follow the instructions below.

Get to your Mac and click successively on the folders name: Finder>Home/Library/Caches. You will find folders with cached files in them. You need to open the folders and select content to delete, or delete all.

Third Reason: Running lots of applications at the same time.
When you got too many apps working in the background, your Mac (like most computers) will function wrongly. Your Mac will get slower the more applications are operating. So the ‘‘why is my computer so slow mac?’’ question, may come from the number of running apps. When this is the case, removing some background apps becomes the solution to speed up your Mac.

How to Fix:
The way to go forward here is by detecting which applications uses most of your Mac’s memory. Then you eliminate them so as to create more space on your Mac, making it to work faster. How do you practically handle the question of ‘‘why is my mac running slow?’’ Go to ‘‘utility folder’’ located in your ‘‘applications’’. Then classify the applications by memory. This will permit you to see which applications top the list, and hence eats up the most memory space. The selected programs must be the ones you must remove for your Mac to speed up.

Fourth Reason: Old OS X version.
Each time, Apple keeps on coming up with larger and better new OS versions. So of course, if you are wondering ‘‘but why is my mac slow all of a sudden?” Check out for outdates. Yet remember, keeping your OS X updated must be the last way out in trying to speed up your Mac. Two reasons exist behind this. First, it’s going to take more time to install a update. Secondly, after the installation, your computer will normally run slower for a short time. However, for you asking the question ‘‘Why is my mac so slow?’’ The more usual origins of this issue are excessive cache or memory lack. Follow this to resolve your question as to why is my mac so slow.

How to Fix:
Now, OS X update is the solution you need if none of the previous solutions helps speed up your Mac. At times, the problem goes beyond memory shortage, and the system requires an update. Going to an App Store on your Mac is the simplest approach to update your Mac. You could verify Mac’s OS available updates, and then click on update icon for the selected update. You need to exercise some patients here. This is because it uses up quite of your time to complete the update.

Fifth Reason: You picked lots of personalized settings.
Customize settings is indeed a great fascinating ability on a Mac computer. It’s possible for you to personalize your Mac’s setting to match your exact needs. This can be a colossal asset but then, it goes to slow down your Mac. So, is your macbook running slow? If yes, the reason might just be because you customize lots of your settings, without realizing the effects. You might chop up so much space by customizing lots of your settings. Thus, this might result in causing your Mac to run slow.

How to Fix why is my mac so slow:

In case you notice your Mac is running slower than before, try to reduce the personalized settings. Then set some earlier default settings that you customized to their standard settings. Your surprise will be total when you see how fast your Mac will run. This will surely answer your question as to why is my mac so slow. Try Mac Optimizer Pro best free mac cleaner today.

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