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Why is my mac so slow

Tired of asking yourself why is my mac so slow? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Like other computers and machinery, Macs, too, lose their speed over time. The result is a sluggish PC that not only slows down your work but also your overall productivity. It’s better to get rid of all those elements as soon as possible that are slowing your Mac down.

Thankfully, boosting your Mac’s speed is not a rocket science. Only a few cleaning and maintenance tweaks, and your Mac will be running like new again. Is this any way to tackle performance-sapping issues effortlessly and in a less time?

Use the Best Mac Cleaner

To save your precious time on your Mac’s tweaking, you can use the Mac Optimizer Pro that’s designed to tackle each and every issue that’s dragging your Mac’s performance down.

Let’s take a look at the reasons that are affecting your Mac’s speed to the extent that you’re left with scratching your head with the same question in your mind – why is my mac so slow. Once detected, you can easily be able to tackle all of them by yourself or take help of the best mac cleaner to handle them for you.

  1. The startup is slowing you down

When your Mac boots, some apps and programs also load simultaneously. These are called startup apps or login items. As you keep on installing apps over time, the startup list gets longer with both heavy and lightweight apps. Some of these login items are doing nothing but making your Mac’s boot as well as your system slow.

Solution: Manage Startup items

Killing heavy, useless startup items can bring a drastic change to your Mac’s boot and fix why is my mac so slow. To reach out to the list, head to System Preferences > Users & Groups > your username. Select the apps you don’t want immediately to launch with Mac’s startup and click on the ““ button below to kill these apps. Handle these tasks with the best mac cleaner to remove all speed-issues for you.

  1. There is too much visual overload

All those animations and rich graphics may look cool but take up system resources way more than you expect. While in normal conditions, you don’t need to tweak these visual effect settings, it’s a rather good idea to optimize these settings if you’re running a slow Mac.

Solution: Cut down on visual effects

Here’s how you can disable these visual effects to get rid of issues like why is my mac so slow:

  • Head to System Preferences > Dock
  • Uncheck the boxes next to these options: Magnification, Animate opening applications, automatically hide and show the Dock
  • Navigate to “Minimize windows using” option and select Scale effect

The best mac cleaner will help you through all these performance-sapping issues so that you won’t have to spend time tackling these issues by yourself.

  1. Your macOS is outdated

An older version of your macOS can be one of the biggest reasons why you’re enquiring Google search these days for why is my mac so slow. The reason is that an outdated version cannot tackle the issues that can accompany a newly created or updated app.

Solution: Update your macOS

Updating your macOS to its latest version can act like a nice system revitalizer. To do so, click on the Apple icon > “About this Mac”, and check whether you have the latest version on your Mac. If not, update it now. Besides updating your macOS, it’s also wise to update your installed apps to make them more efficient.

  1. Your hard drive is out of space

Nothing affects your Mac’s speed more than a hard disk with not enough space left. If you’re one of those who keep lots of movies, videos, music tracks, and games etc. on their Mac, you’re sure to be out of your hard disk space soon. Although you can do all this by yourself, using the best mac cleaner will not only save your precious time but also prevent any accidental manual tweak that can backfire.

Solution: Free up your hard drive

This may take your time and efforts. First off, delete all and heavy and unused files and folders from your Mac. If any of them look useful for future, move them to an external drive or the cloud for the time being. Apart from this, empty your system Trash bin along with the Trash folder of iPhoto, iMovie, and Mail app.

Cleaning up the hard disk can be a messy task. To save your time and efforts in locating and deleting each and every useless item, you can use the best mac cleaner that’s designed to sort every performance-sapping element that you don’t need on your Mac. Once listed, you can easily choose from these items the ones you want to remove from your computer and fix issues like why is my mac so slow.

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